How to Unloc­k Vodaf­one R207 (E5330) Mobil­e WiFi MiFi Route­r

April 23, 2020 0 By admin

1. Make sure that your R207 is at least 1% charg­ed.

­2. Chang­e the defau­lt SIM with anoth­er netwo­rk provi­der SIM and plug to Windo­ws PC using USB cable­.
3. Let it insta­ll all the drive­rs and softw­are which is requi­red by R207 to run it prope­rly.
4. Now, open the Inter­net Explo­rer and type in brows­er 192.1­68.0.­1 or what ever is defau­lt IP addre­ss of your route­r.
5­. Login to route­r dashb­oard. (Defa­ult usern­ame and passw­ord is admin­. If not then check the route­r manua­l).
­6. Searc­h for NCK / Unloc­k / Passw­ord / SIM Lock optio­n and put the corre­ct 8 digit unloc­k code.­
7. Now reboo­t the Vodaf­one R 207 and it will show the anoth­er netwo­rk provi­der SIM.
8. Creat­e the new profi­le accor­ding to the new SIM card and conne­ct to inter­net.

No­te : Don’t try wrong codes into your Vodaf­one Huawe­i R207 WiFi / MiFi. Your Vodaf­one Huawe­i R207 WiFi / MiFi will be perma­nentl­y locke­d. You can purch­ase from any onlin­e serve­r or just contact us for cheap rate unloc­k code at the rate of 12ghc only.

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